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My Worst Night in a Hostel

Ian Scott's photo of Dung Gate. http://www.flickr.com/people/ian-w-scott/

My worst night in a hostel happened over twenty years ago.  I’ve done a lot of traveling since then.  To maintain a record for that long you have to go beyond the standard dorm-room annoyances.  Beyond snoring and body odor.  Beyond bad breath and bed bugs. I’m talking big leagues.  I’m talking vomit. The place […]

Open Letter to Lonely Planet


Folks can debate about who puts out the best guidebooks.  A lot of people brag about not using guidebooks at all, but the fact is it can be really helpful to have information in a format you’re familiar with.  These days, I feel fairly confident traveling.  But I wish I had a Lonely Planet for […]