The following is a brief tutorial on how you can use our Outdoor Gear and Apparel Search Engine to always find the best deals while shopping online.  Currently we work with over 80 Outdoor retailers and this list keeps growing.  Below is a live example of the innovative “Gear Scout” in action.
Note:  Clicking on the product Image is where the magic is.

So what do we mean by magic? OK, it’s not Harry Potter type stuff but it’s still pretty cool.  The following briefly explains each tab available in the new product window.  Some products will not have all the available tabs.

Details – This is the default tab.  It’s a summary of information about the product, which may include name, price, imagery, descriptions, etc.
Coupons – All text coupon ads from the selected products merchant are shown.
Reviews – Product reviews that have been collected by various users are made available for display. Additionally, the ability for users to enter their own product reviews is included as well.
Videos – Any videos that have been tagged by the merchant as related/relevant to this particular product (or the brand name or category of this product) are available for display.
Comparison – Where possible we show the same or similar product entries from other merchants, so that the users can do some price comparison between vendors.
Related – Using historical sales information from the merchant in question, we perform a lookup of products that customers frequently purchase in tandem with the requested product.

This was a very brief example of what “Gear Scout” is aimed to do.  The full version as found here > Gear Scout Innovative Price Comparison Engine < and consists of both, a break down of handpicked products by category as well as a search feature located in the sidebar.

More on Using Gear Scout Search

Gear Scout Search uses advanced search syntax, causing special treatment in the following circumstances: preceding a word with “+” will restrict the search to ONLY products that mention that word, preceding a word with “-” will restrict the search to exclude any products that mention that word, and the keyword ” OR ” can be used to perform multiple simultaneous searches (in place of OR you can use the pipe character “|” to separate multiple search terms).

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