Columbia Bugathermo Boot – Heat your Feet

Columbia Bugathermo Boot - Heat your Feet
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Columbia-Bugathermo-BootSeriously, I’m not kidding and for some reason I’m thinking “yeah, I remember making that suggestion”.  I’m pretty sure at some point almost all of us have thought they should make a heated boot.  Particularly on a day you find yourself outside braving the cold elements.  Well, Columbia has done it introducing the Columbia Bugathermo boot and for a pretty penny you can own a pair.

So how much?  These things are just hitting the market and at this point the going price seems to be $250.00.  Of course, on eBay you have someone trying to sell them for $500 dollars so be careful.

So how does the Columbia Bugathermo Boots keep my feet warm?

According to the brochure this innovative heating system will keep your feet warm for up to eight hours.  With 3 separate heat settings and a temperature rating of -25˚F/-32˚C you can be sure your feet will stay cozy.  They will also stay dry because they are constructed of waterproof, breathable Omni-Tech.  When your done for the day simply plug them in with the included adapter to charge the Internal lithium polymer battery.  Now your ready to go tomorrow.

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