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I'm a recent green freak, after a trip abroad changed my whole life, mentally and physically. Now, I love learning about how I can try to green my life, which is hard because I live in a small farmtown in the middle of Pennsylvania (literally, in the middle; they don't call it Central Pennsylvania for nothing.) I also am a vegan and become a bit of a health nut, which is annoying friends and family. It's quite a challenge, since we have every major fast food place in a two-mile radius. I also am a journalist, graduated from Penn State. My main goal is to inform people of how easy it is to be green and healthy (and maybe vegan.)

Deciphering food label logos


You see them on every box of food you pick up, especially if your diet and lifestyle requires it. Labels — we are bombarded by them every day. But what do they really mean? You may not even know some of these labels that help us make more conscientious choices with food practices: Certified Vegan: […]

Add plants and filter your air!

Gerbera Daisy

Watching late-night television, we get sucked in with the infomercials. One in particular tells me about purifying my air and how that would help my health. I am a sucker for filtered anything. We live in a dirty, dirty world and anything to get me away from that filth will make me happier. But I […]

Winter prep for the green life


Well, winter is already here! For the Northeastern United States, it has been weird to already see snow “early” in winter. Snow blanketed much of the country this past week, and then a swift, freezing cold wind blew past us. But that only reminds us that we must prepare our houses and daily routines for […]

Green your Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a time to give, what else, but thanks. It’s in the name. We are thankful for our families, friends, the food on the table, the clothes that we wear and the heat in our homes. But it also should be a time to thank Mother Earth. She provided all of it, with her […]

Going veg? Get these items!

Eating leafy greens, and fruits, are necessary.

Trying a vegetarian or vegan diet is difficult! I would know: I’m on day 150 (or there about.) I am learning the hard way that there are essential ingredients you always need in your kitchen. As the weeks seem to go by slow and fast at the same time, and responsibilities pile up, you need […]

Think outside the cheese box

lasagna rolls

You can make authentic-tasting Italian food, and eat it, too! When it comes to real Italian food, you may picture the Olive Garden commercials. However, “Italy” Italian food has a lot of veggies and not as MUCH less cheese. That doesn’t mean you can’t eat carb-filled fake cheese-erific dishes. With the winter winds starting to […]