At Gear Up and Play we strive to…..

Help you buy the Gear you need only once.  OK, yeah, maybe twice.  Well, it all depends on what your buying you know.  Like if its shoes then you will probably be buying a second, third, fourth and beyond pair at some point in your life.  Especially if you like shoes!

But what about a sleeping bag?  Who wants to keep buying that over and over again?  Not me, and you shouldn’t either!  This stuff is expensive!  Wouldn’t you rather spend your hard earned money on that daily four dollar cup of coffee instead?  Yup, I thought so!  Head on over and read the latest reviews and make sure your buying the good stuff!

Help you find the Good Stuff at the Lowest Price Possible.  Now that you know what you want to buy “Gear Scout” can help you find the best possible price.  Our innovative shopping tool searches across multiple Outdoor Gear and Apparel Merchants to always deliver the best price.  It searches both, big and small names including Merchants like REI, Moosejaw and Backcountry just to name a few.  Let’s give a whirl shall we?  In this example let’s search for “women’s denali jacket” and see what it returns.  Pretty cool right!  By Default Gear Scout only finds the sales but you can change it in the search options to search all products.

Rant Endlessly about Stuff that’s important!  No seriously, we have good guides and tips.  Like “Failing their Feet – The Traveler’s Big Mistake” and what to do when your Gear turns on you “Killer Keens: When Good Gear Goes Bad”.  Our maybe you’re just wondering the best way to pack a backpack?  Be sure to keep up with us on our Blog to get the latest buying guides, tips and advice for your next adventure.