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Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

As travelers and bloggers, there are tools of the trade we can’t do without. Those I normally travel with are:

iPad – for that quick post or immediate social network connection. Just recently bought a logitech keyboard/hardcase for it and it functions pretty much like a netbook, allowing me to use all my Apple keyboard shortcuts and more efficient strokes. Lets face it, while I love my iPad its just so hard to make a post or compose a blog using the keypad.

Never leave home without them!
Never leave home without them!

iPhone – or any phone for that matter. I am just partial to iPhone being so used to its interface and all the apps I am accustomed to like the Maps, Weather, and its camera for that quick snap shot that I can upload to Instagram or Facebook immediately. Recently upgraded to iPhone 5 and loving it!

Canon S100 Digital Camera – I love this camera for its crisp image quality and portability. I also use it for underwater photography, so long as I bring the housing and other peripherals. Most of the pictures I take now are with the S100 because it is just so easy to carry and quick enough to get snapshots of interesting wildlife like the bee below :).

Busy Bee
Busy Bee

Pocket Wifi – I love this gadget! Having it means that I am connected anytime, anywhere so long as it is powered. I just bought this for the trip in Sydney and it works like a charm. I don’t have to scrounge around for free wifi signal and feel like a scavenger – yes, I have wifi signal piggy-backing issues! It is also very cheap to maintain and quite fast with 3G and HSPA signals. In Sydney its only AUD40 for 6Gb of data download, that a lot already if you are only downloading emails and doing social networking. Of course, downloading media like movies is a different story.

Theft-proof carry all case – I carry a Pacsafe Anti-Theft Satchel that fits all my gadgets…functional as well as stylish…without the extra burden of managing a bag.

Oh don’t forget the chargers and adapters. I make sure that I carry chargers and adapters that are compatible across devices.

What’s your travel tool collection like?

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5 Responses to Tools of the Trade

  1. I always have to get a mouse for my laptop, cant stand the touchpad. Also I bought a new laptop recently and the keyboard is very finicky. Hope I get used to it. Nice collection Elmer and I hope it helps you in your endeavors.

  2. thanks for the comments guys. Yes, at times they feel like torture instruments @Ele since you cant just walk out of the house or hotel. I am so addicted to these gadgets that I never leave home without them, its crazy.

    Hey Jenny, the satchel has wires running through the fabric making it safe from slashers, it has clever locks for the zippers making it difficult to open for pickpockets, and it has an RFID blocker making it a safe place for your credit cards and other identity cards with RFID technology. The straps also have wires running through the fabric making it difficult to cut with conventional cutters. Worth a small fortune but gives me a sense of security. Unfortunately, I am one of those who have moved away from lowtech packing.

    Try the iPad and Logitech keyboard combo Michael…you’d get hooked!

    Cheers all!!!

  3. Got it. But the thing none of that theft-proof technology can protect against is my own stupidity (as in forgetting my bag somewhere).

    I love my ipod Touch – just like the iphone except not a phone, which means no monthly bill.

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