Uxmal: Best of the Maya Part IV

Laurent de Walick's photo of carvings at Uxmal.

Less likely to appear in one of those cable channel documentaries, or on the cover of a guidebook or the travel agency poster, Uxmal is the least well known of the Mayan sites mentioned in this series. That does not mean that you will be in any way disappointed in the ruins. Only that you’ll be [...]

Palenque: Best of the Maya Part III

An en Alain's photo of Palenque

Palenque If you are only going to see one Mayan site in your life, I would recommend Palenque. With its gleaming white lime stone buildings, intact roof combs, intricately carved stele and lively jungle atmosphere, Palenque has it all. It’s not nearly as large (a lot of promising mounds in the jungle have not yet [...]

Copán: Best of the Maya Part II

Photo by Adalberto.H.Vega.

  Michael Angelo’s ancient Mayan cousin must have lived here. Seriously. Copán, which lies in the northwestern part of Honduras not far from Guatemala, is covered with spectacularly carved stele and sculptures. History written in stone. You can see Mayan carvings at other sites, but nothing compares to those at Copán. Copán was occupied for over [...]

Tikal: Best of the Maya, Part I

kangotraveler's photo of Tikal

Builders of monuments, creators of calendars and discoverers of chocolate, the Maya easily hold their own as one of the most fascinating civilizations to have left their mark on the world. Mayan sites are some of the primary attractions which bring travelers to the American isthmus.   Today we’ll begin a tour of the some of [...]


Photo by David Dennis.

I peered out the bus window at the tiny images of people winding their way up the hill to the terraced rice paddies. It was early morning. The climb was steep, and I knew that their work day would be long. It occurred to me that these people got more physical exercise just getting to [...]

Idiot-Proof Packing

cmor15's world unpacked.

Some things about traveling really suck. Like packing. (Unpacking, however, is kind of fun.) Which is why I tend to leave it until the last possible minute, not always the best strategy. I always start off a trip with a nagging feeling in my head – what did I forget? So I’ve developed a few [...]

Five of the Best Places to go Swimming with Sharks

swimming with sharks

You’ve probably heard of swimming with dolphins. But did you know that more and more travellers are enjoying the exhilarating experience of swimming with sharks? If you’re already humming the famous Jaws music in your head and thinking “No thank you!”, then think again. In reality, many species of shark are very gentle. Holiday Lettings has rounded [...]