Photo by David Dennis.

I peered out the bus window at the tiny images of people winding their way up the hill to the terraced rice paddies. It was early morning. The climb was steep, and I knew that their work day would be long. It occurred to me that these people got more physical exercise just getting to [...]

Idiot-Proof Packing

cmor15's world unpacked.

Some things about traveling really suck. Like packing. (Unpacking, however, is kind of fun.) Which is why I tend to leave it until the last possible minute, not always the best strategy. I always start off a trip with a nagging feeling in my head – what did I forget? So I’ve developed a few [...]

Five of the Best Places to go Swimming with Sharks

swimming with sharks

You’ve probably heard of swimming with dolphins. But did you know that more and more travellers are enjoying the exhilarating experience of swimming with sharks? If you’re already humming the famous Jaws music in your head and thinking “No thank you!”, then think again. In reality, many species of shark are very gentle. Holiday Lettings has rounded [...]

Underwear Over There

Photo by Harald Groven.

We’ve all been there.  Traveling around, having a jolly old time, when an essential piece of our gear suddenly dies or disappears.  But what to do if that gear is not only essential, but also intimate? A friend generously gave me permission to share her story of finding herself without usable underwear on an extended, [...]

Salute to Rick Steves

Joyful Spirit1's photo of fellow travelers and Rick Steves.

“Europe is ruined.” Thus pronounced a friend of a friend. Her complaint was one that many of us relate to. We want to be the lone traveler who has found our way to this quaint, unknown and oh-so-charming village. Trouble is, the village is full of other people who also came here to be the one [...]

Hiking in the Antarctic, A girls need for speed and more on this #rtwa Friday


mizmelissa says: And now…for the enchantment. lindsaytaub says: Cruising around the #aitutaki #lagoon #islands today was #perfection. #bliss #cookislands #travel acruisingcouple says: Just arrived in Ouro Preto, Brazil’s first UNESCO World Heritage site! Once a gold mining town from the 17th century, it’s now a popular destination for its architecture and surrounding beauty. This is [...]